Laboratory Equipment and Test Rigs


  1. Analysers  for ultimate and proximate analysis  of fuels
  • CHNS –Perkin Elmer
  • ASA – (Al2O3, Fe2O3, Mn3O4, TiO2, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, SO3)
  • DSC – Perkin Elmer
  • Bomb calorimeter – IKA 2000
  • TGADT Pyris Diamond – Perkin Elmer


  1. Gas analysis
  • O2, CO,CO2, SO2, NOx, H2, CH4, NH3, H2S, H2O, Cl, CnHm
  • Ultramat 23,  OXYMAT,  FTIR,  GC HP 6890

Research Stand-up  – Isothermal  Flow Reactor (IFR) Equipped with Multifuel Burner

izotermiczny reaktor przepływowy

Ignition Furnace – Modified Greenwald – Godbert’s Apparatus

piec zapłonowy Greenwalda-Godberta

Research Stands for Thermal Valorization of Biomass and  LRF  ( e.g. torrefaction)

piec obrotowy

Rotary furnace for torrefaction, pyrolisis and drying. Furnace temperature up to 1000oC

Straw in fluidized bed

Straw in fluidized bed

Suszarka taśmowa

Pilot scale reactor with moving tapes, drying temperature up to 700oC, B=100kg/hr

PEM Fuel Cell System with Hydrogen Production

PEMFC 1,2kW Nexa system

1,2kW PEM Fuel cell stack with  hydrogen storage canisters and hydrogen generator

Microwave Plasma Setup

microwave plasma setup

3 generators, 2000 W each.
Plasma is generated in a quarts tube, as a plasma agent nitrogen or air is used.
Gasification in plasma,
Decomposition of tars from gasification process (research presently carried out),
Removal of the volatiles and waste utilization,
Research on microwave plasma.

Plasma ignition

Plasma ignition

Dust Explosion Testing Bomb

dust explosion testing bomb

Furnace for Biomass Pellets Combustion

furnace for biomass pellets combustion

Stand Up  for  Ca Looping or CLC Process Investigation

stand up for chemical looping

Solar Unit

solar collector

Pressure Reactor — Autoclave

reaktor ciśnieniowy - autoklaw

Investigation of CO2 capture on liquid sorbents. Pmax=150 atm, Tmax=200oC

Fuel Analysis Laboratory
Mass Absorption Spectrometer

Fuel Analysis Laboratory
Calorimetric Bomb

Fuel Analysis Laboratory
CHNS Analyzer

Fuel Analysis Laboratory

DSC Perkin Elmer

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